Keyboard Layout and Design

Keyboard layout generation software

Keyman from SIL

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An example of a great keyboard (in my humble opinion) : Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo)

Mostly used in Taiwan, the Zhuyin keyboard is a phonological keyboard where each key represents a particular sound in Taiwanese Mandarin (although it is also used to write words for which there are not Chinese characters)

The keys are typed in combination with an initial (boxed in green in the image below), a final (in red), and a tone marker (unmarked along the top, a dot and some one- and two-stroke marks)

Different input methods for scripts

Old .gifs of character inputs from GifCities for Sinhala1, Japanese2, and Chinese (Cangjie)3. The Sinhala keyboard gif demonstrates transliteration software for Latin charset input, rather than a standard Sinhala keyboard.