Hot & Spicy "Mala" Soup : 麻辣烫

Taken & translated from Xiangha 'Click here!'

[hei̯᷄ t͡ɕʰŷ]

1. 准备花椒粒麻椒粒干红辣椒各一小把,蒜四瓣切末。Prepare prickly ash and a small bunch of dried red chilis, mince four cloves of garlic

2. 青菜有油菜生菜香菜,墨鱼丸和干豆腐丝?(家里有什么放什么)Prepare leafy green vegetables, lettuce, corriander, cuttlefish balls, or tofu noodles (Use whatever you have in your home)

3. 这个是榨的辣椒油撇出来油。Strain chili oil to remove seeds and crisp

4. 把辣椒油的油烧热放入花椒粒麻椒粒,和干红辣椒,炒出香味。小火炒至干红辣椒变色,花椒粒麻椒粒干红辣椒捞出来扔掉。Heat oil in wok, place pickly ash and dried chilis in wok, fry until fragrant. Over a small flame, fry the dried chilis until they change color, fish out the chilis and prickly ash

5. 继续把蒜末炒香。Continue to fry, adding the prepared garlic, and frying until fragrant

6. 加入郫县豆瓣酱,把它剁碎点会更好。Add pixian doubanjiang (spicy red bean paste), mince it a little

7. 炒出来红油即可。Fry until "red oil" arises and that will suffice

8. 加一小盆骨头汤,和几个干红辣椒。放盐和少许酱油调味。Add a small container of bone broth, and several dried chilis, add salt and more or less soy sauce to taste

9. 把墨鱼丸先放进去煮,因为它熟的慢。Add fishballs and bring to a boil, because they cook slowly

10. 水烧开把青菜全部放进去,青菜易熟很快就好了。When the water starts to boil, add all of the vegetables, they cook easily and will be done quickly

11. 放入米粉,米粉提前煮好了,也可以放面条之类的。Add pre-prepared rice noodles, flour noodles work as well

12. 撒上芝麻开吃吧。放什么糖醋啊芝麻酱啊随个人了。Sprinkle seasame seeds on top and start eating. Add whatever sweet and sour or seasame paste according to the taste of each person

Ingredients 用料 数量
Rice noodles (or flour) 米粉 1 person's portion
Spicy bean paste "Doubanjiang" 豆瓣酱 2 tbsp
Leafy green vegetables 青菜 To taste
Prickly ash 花椒粒麻椒粒 A small bunch
Dried chili "Heaven-facing chili 干红辣椒 A small bunch
Garlic 大蒜子 4 cloves
Bone broth (I usually use chicken) 骨头汤 A small bowl
Seasame paste 芝麻酱 To taste
Light soy sauce 生抽 To taste