Rice-smothering Mapo Tofu : 超下饭的麻婆豆腐的做法

Taken & translated from Xiachufang 'Click here!'

[hei̯᷄ t͡ɕʰŷ]

1. 豆腐洗净,切成2-3厘米的方块 Wash tofu, cut into 2-3 centimeter chunks

2. 冷水下锅焯水去除豆腥味,锅中加入少许盐,水开捞出,沥水备用 Put tofu into a wok filled with cold water to remove fishy taste, add a little salt, once the water starts to boil, remove the tofu, and set the water aside

3. 腌肉:大蒜子和生姜切成末,朝天椒切成小辣椒圈,与肉沫一起放入碗中,加入生抽和少许食盐调味腌制 If using pork: mince garlic and ginger, cut chilis into small circles, put it in a small bowl, add soy sauce and a bit of salt

4. 切好葱花备用 Prepare scallions

5. 料汁:2勺生抽,1勺花椒粉,1勺玉米淀粉,1勺鸡精,少许白胡椒粉,加点不要钱的水搅拌(胡椒粉没有可不放)The sauce: two tablespoons soy sauce, one tablespoon red pepper powder, one table spoon starch, one teaspoon chicken bouillon (I never add this), a bit of white pepper (never add this), add a bit of water (uneccesary if not adding bouillon and white pepper)

6. 热锅冷油,油三分热,转小火,放入花椒粒(注意⚠️ 锅不能有水,否则花椒会像小炸弹一样,到处乱蹦,别问我怎么知道的)花椒慢慢出香味并有颗粒感,微微发黑,即可捞出丢掉。"Hot wok, cold oil" (heat the wok on medium until you feel heat coming off of it, then add canola oil), turn the heat to medium-low, add the prickly ash (Caution⚠️ the wok must not have water, or the ash will explode and jump everwhere), cook until ash becomes fragrant and begins to turn black, then remove (I never remove them)

7. 放入腌制好的肉馅,加入1勺豆瓣酱,炒出红油,再放入沥干水的豆腐,倒入调好的料汁,转中火,水开后,放入辣椒面,撒上葱花,即可装盘出锅。Add prepared pork (don't add if not prepared), add two tablespoons bean paste, garlic (& ginger, if prepared and separate from pork), fry until it resembles "red oil", add the reserved water, then slowly and gently add the tofu, then add the sauce (make sure the sauce is evenly spread, or the starch will become chewey and clump), turn to medium heat. After it begins to boil, add red pepper powder to taste, add scallions (or reserve for garnish), then it is ready to be taken from the pot.

Ingredients 用料 数量
Tender tofu 豆腐 1 package
Spicy bean paste "Doubanjiang" 豆瓣酱 2 tbsp
Potato Starch 淀粉 1 tbsp
Prickly ash 花椒 1 tbsp
Minced meat (I always omit unless I have pork on hand) 肉沫 100 g
Dried chili "Heaven-facing chili 朝天椒 2
Garlic 大蒜子 5 cloves
Fresh ginger (usually omitted) 生姜 数量
Red Pepper Powder 花椒粉 1 tbsp
Salt To taste
Chicken bouillon (I usually omit) 鸡精 1 tsp
Light soy sauce 生抽 2 tbsp
Scallions 香葱 1 bunch
White pepper (I never add this) 白胡椒粉 To taste